ReCon Licensees Host Training Semiars

King’s Material of Cedar Rapids, IA hosted its Annual Contractor Training Seminar on March 14th, with 150 contractors in attendance.  ReCon was happy to attend and present one of the training sessions.  It was a great day and provided significant value for King’s contractor customers.

On April 2nd and 3rd, Arrowhead Precast of Jenks, OK hosted training for 50 engineers and landscape architects. These sessions covered seven different products manufactured by Arrowhead, with an emphasis on the value each product delivers to the customer.  Again, ReCon was happy to attend and present to the attendees, covering the solutions that ReCon delivers to the marketplace.

ReCon appreciates the commitment that its licensees make to training and continuing education programs targeted to their customers and specifying communities.

Engineers Attend Tow Days of Training Sponsored by Arrowhead Precast