ReCon Block Options – One Size Does NOT Fit All!

ReCon Block Options – One Size Does NOT Fit All! ReCon’s big block retaining wall has become the product of choice for customers, engineers, and contractors that are looking for:
  • The long term durability of wet-cast air entrained concrete, especially in environmental where there are road salts, brackish water, and / or freezing and thawing.
  • Tall gravity retaining walls where the wall is being built as a cut into the side of an existing embankment.
  • Pleasing aesthetics, given both the natural stone texture that ReCon has become noted for and the range of textures which ReCon offers its customers (Granite, Limestone, Rustic, Weathered Edge, and Old World).
  • The ease of construction, associated with big block machine set installation, real Authentic Restoration.
  • Wall design solutions for complex grade separation issues utilizing the many capabilities of this big block retaining wall system.
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