Blocks in Sketchup


ReCon offers architects and other wall designers a comprehensive set of its block shapes and sizes in all five of its textures. We have provided below a sample of our ReCon 24” Middle Block in each of our textures. Due to their file size, the SketchUp files have been compressed and saved as .zip files. Download the .zip file and decompress it to access the Sketchup file. If you would like a full set of our block shapes, please let us know.


North SHore Granite Retaining Wall Block
Northshore Granite
Full Block 24 inch (skp)
LeSueur County Limestone Retaining Wall Block
LeSueur County Limestone
Full Block 24 inch (skp)
Old World Gravity Retaining Wall Block
Old World
Full Block 24 inch (skp)
Gravity Retaining Wall Block - Rustic
Full Block 24 inch (skp)
Weathered Edge Gravity Retaining Wall Block
Weathered Edge
Full Block 24 inch (skp)