Gravity Retaining Walls – Commercial

Gravity Retaining Wall for Storm Water Pond

Retention Pond, Plymouth, MN

An office complex in Plymouth, MN needed to replace a failing retaining wall while minimizing damage to the existing parking lot and tying into the existing stormwater inlet pipes and outlet structure.

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Gravity retaining wall

Rainbow Foods, Roseville, MN

Recon’s gravity retaining wall system replaced the originally contemplated cast-in-place wall, saving time and money.  With tight property lines, the use of temporary sheet piles combined with a Recon gravity wall system was the answer.

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Large retaining wall block

Eaton Place, Beachwood, OH

Recon created a “custom block” for this unique retaining wall.  The customer wanted Recon’s Old World texture, but they needed a block that was a custom size … 6’ in length, 1’ in height, and having a 1’ setback between courses.  The blocks were to surround a 336 diameter reflection pond in front of a new $170 million 600,000 sq. ft. corporate headquarters facility.

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Big block retaining walls

Patio with ReCon Fence, Botanical, and Column Block, Steinkjer, Norway

Kurt Bye, a landscape contractor in Norway, needed to create a raised patio with seating and planters around the perimeter.  With the Recon Block, Kurt transformed the “ordinary” into the “extraordinary”. 

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RDA Center, Eden Prairie, MN

After 20 years of harsh Minnesota winters and numerous freeze/thaw cycles, the service and fire lane access drive behind the strip mall was in need of repair. So too were the segmental block retaining walls that faced and lined the drive lane.

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 Gravity Retaining Walls – Residential

Gravity Retaining Wall Block Fort Worth TX

Texas Residence, Fort Worth, TX

The Recon Northshore Granite block was selected for this residential project where aesthetics came at a premium. This included a unique stain / enhanced texture combination.

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 Gravity Retaining Walls – DOT


Huntridge Road Orchards Channel, Roanoke, VA

The existing drainage channel at the Orchards Subdivision in Roanoke, VA was prone to significant erosion during heavy rain events. The County set out to reduce the erosion, slow the flow of the runoff, and enhance the beauty of the channel. In addition, a retention pond area would be created with weirs to collect runoff before the water entered the existing culverts built into a headwall as the runoff flowed underneath Huntridge Road.

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Concrete block for retaining walls.

Trunk Highway 52, Rochester, MN

The State of Minnesota needed to widen a frontage road, creating a cut that was up to 14’ in height, with existing homes on top.  Geogrids were not an option, given the added excavation encroaching upon and/or near to these homes.  Recon’s gravity retaining wall system was selected, with a twist.

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Retaining walls

Williams Drive, Burnsville, MN 

When the City of Burnsville needed to replace a failing timber wall, the solution was Recon’s gravity retaining wall system.  By eliminating the need for geogrids, the excavation was reduced and a good number of existing trees at the top of the wall could be saved.  The reduced excavation also eliminated the need to remove and replace an existing power pole. 

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Retaining wall blocks

Crystal Creek, Chicago, IL

Generally, a gravity retaining wall is designed with the deeper units at the bottom of the wall, transitioning to narrower units in the top portion of the wall.  However, the tight excavation constraints at this project required a unique approach, with the deepest block being placed at the third course of the wall.

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Wet cast retaining wall

Kinnickinnic River Naturalization, Milwaukee, WI

The City of Milwaukee wanted to restore the KK River from a concrete-lined drainage channel to a natural flowing river.  Learn more about the American Public Works Assn. Nation Project of the Year for 2013.

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Geogrid Retaining Walls – Commercial

precast retaining wall

Bar BC Ranch, Jackson, WY

When aesthetics count as much as design and function, Hillwood Development Corp., a Perot Company, selected Recon.  Learn more about this geogrid reinforced retaining wall, constructed in the shadows of the Grand Tetons.

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Big BLock retaining wall in New Jersey

The Legacy Castle, Pompton Plains, NJ

Recon provides great aesthetics and long-term durability. In addition, the Legacy Castle project required that a vehicular guardrail be a component of the retaining wall, along with columns and lighting.

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gravity retaining wall

Blair Quarry, Blair, WI

Designing a reinforced retaining wall that reaches 36’ in height with zero degree batter and 2000 psf surcharge on top is no simple task. 

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large retaining wall block

C. H. Robinson Headquarters, Eden Prairie, MN

Aesthetics and durability drove the choice of Recon Block for this 25+ foot tall geogrid reinforced retaining wall.

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gravity retaining wall for target store

Target Store, Rochester, MN

When a fiber optic cable is running 4’ behind the face of a proposed 10’ tall wall, a combination of ReCon’s gravity retaining wall system and a hybrid geogrid reinforced system saved $100,000.

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big block retaining wall at airport

O’Hare Airport Drainage Channel, Chicago, IL

ReCon was selected for a 10 foot tall, 5600 linear foot drainage channel system at O’Hare Airport.  The design needed to accommodate the possibility of rapid drawdown.

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Retaining wall on bluff

Stillwater Mills, Stillwater, MN

When a 40’ elevation change cut into a limestone bluff with the presence of a perched water table leaching through the bedrock needed to be managed, the customer selected the ReCon geogrid reinforced retaining wall system.  The Heritage Preservation Commission was also on board, because the ReCon LeSueur County Limestone texture closely matched the existing natural limestone walls in this historic city on the St. Croix River.

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residential retaining wall

Elan Uptown Luxury Apartments, Minneapolis, MN

The ReCon Old World Texture was the choice for this geogrid reinforced retaining wall running along the historic Midtown Greenway Bike Trail.  The wall was built with zero degree batter, and its multiple terraces creates an attractive structure.

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Geogrid Retaining Walls – DOT

gravity retaining wall along road

Route B over Business Loop 70, Columbia, MO

The Missouri DOT selected ReCon in the Weathered Edge texture for its Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil (GRS) Integrated Bridge System (IBS) retaining wall.  The wall supports the bridge, and the use of the GRS-IBS system saved money and reduced construction time for the replacement of the bridge.

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Geogrid Retaining Walls – Residential

residential gravity retaining wall

Cowboy Heaven, Big Sky, MT

When a 30’ grade separation needed to be managed in the Moonlight Basin Resort Community of Big Sky, MT, the aesthetics of the retaining wall were as important as its structural integrity.  Combine that with some tight excavation limitations, and the result was a hybrid design utilizing H Piles, Grid, and ReCon Block. 

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gravity retaining wall stabilizes slope

Residential Slope Stabilization in Minneapolis, MN

ReCon’s geogrid reinforced retaining wall system was selected to create a level patio space at the bottom of a steep slope in an historic Kenwood District of Minneapolis, MN.

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Water Applications


6 Unique Water Applications

With the continuing changes in weather patterns and the apparent increased frequency in severe storms, ReCon has been recognized as a solution for lake shore stabilization as well as bank stabilization along rivers, streams and drainage channels. With the mass of the ReCon block and the durability of the wet-cast, air-entrained concrete, ReCon is an excellent choice for the harsh environment found in many water applications, including retention ponds and sea walls.

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