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Why Choose ReCon? Return on Investment! Territory Protection! Knowledge & Training!

Why Choose ReCon?

ReCon … The Proven and Profitable Precast Retaining Wall Product
  1. ReCon has provided a proven and profitable business model to the precast industry for 14 years.  By working with ReCon, you will:
    1. Avoid the cost of product development,
    2. Gain access to a proprietary product,
    3. Join the leader in the Gravity Wall marketplace,
    4. Start production and sales immediately.
  2. ReCon has a SOLID Block (not a hollow one) and EIGHT Block depths for Gravity Wall Leadership!
    1. Gravity walls are built with MASS
    2. Concrete weighs more than stone filled into a cavity in the block
    3. ReCon offers the most engineered block depths, from 24” to 84”, all made from the same base form.  This makes us a leader in the gravity wall market, with both robust (deep base blocks) and efficient (shallower blocks at the top of the wall) designs.
    4. Remember, you want a “fishing lure” that catches FISH, not FISHERMEN.  So don’t be fooled.  Solid Blocks and Multiple Block Depth Options offer a system that solves problems and sells walls.
Call ReCon for a Free Proposal or to Just Learn More … 952-922-0027.