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Licensee Testimonials

Northeast Concrete Products’ relationship with ReCon dates back to May of 2008. Given that this was a new product for us, we did not have a significant number of forms in that first year. However, we have been very pleased with the steady growth in the demand for the ReCon Block and thus have added production capacity each year. Today it is a major component of our product offering. We have found the ReCon team to be easy to work with and responsive to our needs. We are pleased with our decision to become a ReCon producer.
John Vitale – Owner
Northeast Concrete Products
Hewitt, NJ


King’s Material started producing ReCon Block in 2001.  Our ReCon Block sales have grown over the years, now representing a significant portion of our retaining wall market.  The ReCon team has been great to work with, providing training and support when the need arises.  ReCon fills an important niche for our customer base and we look forward to continuing our relationship with ReCon.
Patrick Sauter – Vice President
King’s Material
Cedar Rapids, IA


ReCon Retaining Wall Block sales have grown from a “filler product” to a “major product offering” for Arrowhead Precast.  The Oklahoma marketplace has embraced the ReCon product, whether a commercial site, a city channel wall, a project for the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, or a residential homeowner project.  We enjoy working with the ReCon team, which provides support to us when it is needed.
Ryan Davis – Director of Sales and Marketing
Arrowhead Precast
Broken Arrow, OK



Check Out “ReCon Adding Value and Solving Problems

Why Choose ReCon?

ReCon … The Proven and Profitable Precast Retaining Wall Product

  1. ReCon has provided a proven and profitable business model to the precast industry for 14 years.  By working with ReCon, you will:
    1. Avoid the cost of product development,
    2. Gain access to a proprietary product,
    3. Join the leader in the Gravity Wall marketplace,
    4. Start production and sales immediately.
  2. ReCon has a SOLID Block (not a hollow one) and EIGHT Block depths for Gravity Wall Leadership!
    1. Gravity walls are built with MASS
    2. Concrete weighs more than stone filled into a cavity in the block
    3. ReCon offers the most engineered block depths, from 24” to 84”, all made from the same base form.  This makes us a leader in the gravity wall market, with both robust (deep base blocks) and efficient (shallower blocks at the top of the wall) designs.
    4. Remember, you want a “fishing lure” that catches FISH, not FISHERMEN.  So don’t be fooled.  Solid Blocks and Multiple Block Depth Options offer a system that solves problems and sells walls.

Return on Investment

  1. With ReCon, you can start small, build the market in your locale, and add to the form system as demand grows.  You can begin with as little as $40,000 – $45,000 in forms and produce from 6400 to 9600 sq. ft. of block in year 1.
  2. Put existing infrastructure to work, selling in many cases to your existing customer base.

Territory Protection

  1. Each ReCon Producer is granted a “protected manufacturing territory”.  Within this region, no other party will be allowed to produce the ReCon Block.
  2. At the same time, there is no restriction on where the ReCon Producer can sell / ship the Block.

Knowledge & Training

Here are some of the many Tools that ReCon provides and will Lead You to Success!

  1. Sales and Marketing Training … On Site
    1. Lunch and Learn Support
    2. Sales Brochures
    3. Trade Show Materials
    4. In House Training
    5. Featured Presence on ReCon’s SEO Optimized Website … 57,000 visits in 2014!
    6. State DOT Approval Support
  2. Production Training … On Site
  3. Technical Training & Industry Support to Specifiers (Civil Engineers and Architects), Wall Design Engineers, and Installers
    1. State of the Art Wall Analysis & Layout Software … in the hands of 400 Engineers in North America
    2. Design & Construction Manuals
    3. Detail Construction Drawings
    4. Contractor Support Tools

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