Your Website and Search Engine Optimization

Let’s All Work Together to Drive Traffic to our Websites! 

In a highly competitive marketplace with a less than robust economic environment, each dollar is precious and the need to be very cautious with spending is a big focus for many of us. Advertising may be one of the first temptations to cut back on. Yet in these times, advertising and promotion may be more important now than ever before. One way to reach our customers and specifiers is with our website. It is an inexpensive way to reach out and into the marketplace. ReCon would like to share a number of thoughts that can help all of us.

Please read on.


1. Each licensee should have a website. Setting up a very basic website is not expensive and ReCon has resources available to help you establish and maintain a site. Please contact ReCon if you don’t have a site.

2. Each licensee should feature ReCon on its website. Preferably you will place on your website useful / meaningful content. You should not try to replicate all of the information that is on the ReCon site, but a minimum level of content could include: a. Home page featuring several ReCon Photos, a description of the ReCon Benefits, and a menu choice for Projects, for Installers, for Specifiers, and for Engineers. b. If you want help in selecting this content, give us a call and we will provide suggestions.

3. Each licensee should have a professional examine your website for Search Engine friendliness. This is very important,as a website that is search engine friendly is more likely to score well in search results, resulting in more visitors to your website and a likely increase in sales. Having a website but not having anybody visit it or find it does not maximize the value of your effort.

4. Each licensee should create a “link” from its website to the ReCon website. Search engines recognize links between sites. A site with lots of inbound links will generally score better in search engine results that a site with just a few inbound links.

5. ReCon needs to create and maintain a link to each licensee website…and the link we maintain is not to the licensee’s home page, but rather to the page within the licensee’s website that features ReCon.


Now that you have a website, let’s all work together to maximize the value of our websites. We want surfers on the internet to end up at our sites. In order to maximize the probability that this will happen, there are a number of strategies and tactics that can be deployed. I would like to focus at this time on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The SEO process can be broken down into a few simple pieces:

1. Ensure that your website is search engine friendly. This includes well structured code, good content and regular maintenance. An SEO professional can perform an evaluation of your site and provide suggestions for making the site search engine friendly.

2. Ensure that your site has good content. One benefit of good content is that other sites will be more likely to link to your site. Use your targeted search phrases throughout your website content. For example, if you have a sentence on your site that says “We sell retaining walls for all types of applications!” and you want people to find your site on a search for “retaining wall block” you’ll need to modify that sentence to include the search phrase: a. “We sell retaining wall block for all types of applications!”

3. Regular site maintenance. You need to regularly add content to your site and maintain the information on your site. Remove outdated information, old calendar dates, past events, outdated products, etc. Add new information as soon as it’s available. Now that we have a website and it is SEO friendly, we need to consider what Words and Key Phrases we want to focus on to best drive traffic to our sites. In my opinion, it is here where we reach a fork in the road. On one hand, we can focus on terms that are very descriptive of our product (i.e., wet cast air entrained concrete retaining wall block) and if the web surfer types in that search phase, up pops ReCon or up pops your site. We would score very well on these phrases, but realistically not very many prospective customers, contractors, specifiers or engineers may type in such a specific search phrase. On the other hand, we can focus on terms that are very broad (i.e., retaining walls) knowing that searchers are very likely to use such a wide category term, but recognizing that it will be much more difficult to end up on the top of the Google search list (or even the first page or two) when the category is so broad. For example, when the search term is “retaining walls”, now we are competing for attention in a field that not only includes other large block competitors, but all of the small dry cast block products, panel walls, cast in place walls, etc. ReCon (via its SEO specialist, has reviewed how ReCon is doing in the search optimization business. Frankly, we have done quite well with the “phrases” that we have focused on. However, we have also learned that there are other “phrases” that we have not focused on, that are more frequently utilized by “surfers”, and that we should pay more attention to based on how our competition is doing with these phrases. We are going to re-prioritize / re-focus our search efforts and are asking that you consider doing the same. The table below is quite informative. Please check it out.

ReCon Website Search Engine Optimization…Suggested Key Search Phrases
Key Search Phrase Number of Monthly Queries for the Phrase at Google ReCon’s Current Position with Google Major Competitor’s (RR) Current Position with Google Was ReCon Specifically Focusing on this Phrase? ReCon’s Intended Re-Prioritization
retaining walls 60000 27 21 Yes #6
retaining wall block 15000 22 8 Yes #7
concrete blocks for retaining walls 5000 9 (via a licensee’s website) 1 No #5
retaining walls concrete 4000 not listed 6 No #3
gravity retaining walls 600 not listed 3 No #4
large retaining wall block 500 3 1 No #1
big block retaining walls 50 3 2 Yes #2
wet cast retaining wall block 10 2 5 Yes #8
precast retaining wall block 10 2 8 Yes #9


Obviously, a visit to our site or to your site does not guarantee a sale. However, it is very helpful to maximize the traffic to our sites and SEO is a relatively cost effective way to get the word out. Please call if you have questions. Although ReCon is not “expert” in SEO, we can refer you to Dave Currence at Catwired who is an expert.

Sincerely, Stan Hamilton, President