Lifting Anchors for ReCon Block

Dear Licensees: Attached you will find information on Lifting Anchors for both Stripping the ReCon Block from the form and for use as the Placement Anchor in the field. Over the past ten years ReCon has had multiple suggestions for lifting anchors, the most recent having been the wire rope loops. However, we now believe that we have a lifting anchor that (a) works for both stripping and placement, (b) is economical, (c) has been tested for strength and failure modes, and (d) can work with all ReCon Block sizes (from 24” deep to 84” in deep). It is called the R Anchor and it is available from A. L. Patterson and from Conac. These anchors have been tested by both A. L. Patterson and Conac in varying conditions. We are attaching seven documents as follows:

  1.  Lifting Anchor Placement for ReCon Full Middle Block (24″ to 60″)
  2.  Lifting Anchor Placement for ReCon Base Block (24″ to 60″)
  3.  Lifting Anchor Placement for ReCon XL Middle Block (66″ to 84″)
  4.  Lifting Anchor Placement for ReCon XL Base Block (66″ to 84″)
  5.  Summary of Lifting Anchor Positions for ReCon Full Blocks (Spreadsheet Format)
  6.  Patterson-R-Anchor Sales Sheet
  7.  Conac ReCon – 2 Anchor Sales Sheet

As we all know, lifting anchor failure can be caused by the lack of strength of the anchor itself, the lack of strength of the concrete at time of lifting, or improper placement / embedment of the anchor. It is important that you review all of the information contained in this message and take precautions within your facility to adhere to the recommendations set forth. Test reports from A. L. Patterson and from Conac are available for review. Concrete strengths at time of testing were generally in the 1500 psi range. Recommendation of embedment depth is contained in these materials and should be followed. For example, when stripping a block from the ReCon form, the R Anchor must be embedded a full 7” if the block being stripped is a 60” to 84” deep block. For the 24” to 45” deep block, this anchor would not need to be fully embedded. Similar recommendations are set forth for the anchors used to place the block in the field. The length of the slot in the ReCon Single and Double Slotted setting cups may need to be lengthened with a grinder about ¼” to have the R Anchor fit comfortably in these setting cups. New cups will be sold with this modification already in place. We believe that the new R Anchor is a better option than the wire rope loops (solid hot dipped galvanized steel), thus less susceptible to rust of an individual strand in the wire rope loop if the block is left in inventory for a long period of time. In addition, the price on these anchors at generally less than $1.00 each is attractive. All of the attachments, along with the testing reports done by A. L. Patterson and Conac, will be put on the Licensee Only portion of the website under the Production Toolbox. If you have any questions, please feel free to call.

Sincerely, Stan Hamilton

P.S. We are nearing completion of the NEW ReConWall design software for both Gravity and Grid walls. This software will also have the 66”, 72”, 78” and 84” deep blocks built into the program. When this software is finalized and distributed, we will then place new Gravity Wall Charts on the website showing these added dimensions and capabilities.