Box Lunch Presentation Update

ReCon has updated its Power Point presentation that we suggest you use when making Box Lunch presentations to Specifiers…Civil Engineers and Architects.  New content that has been added includes:

  1. A couple of slides that discuss the history of small block SRWs (and their price point) and the history of large block SRWs (and their price point)
  2. The larger / deeper ReCon Gravity Wall Blocks…all the way to 84” in depth.
  3. Gravity Wall Charts reflecting the 84” deep blocks.
  4. The ReCon Channel Block…26 degree batter and another tool that allows us to go taller with gravity walls.
  5. A “sneak preview” of ReCon’s new Weathered Edge Texture…to be announced officially before yearend.
  6. Several new case studies.
  7. New photos…a number of channel block applications.
  8. New photos showing the “flexibility” of a wet cast block system…using the ReCon face as a veneer, casting holes for lighting, matching the ReCon texture with “cast in place liners” for certain portions of a wall, and a special Half High Block that ReCon has created for several projects.
  9.  A New section covering Support Tools that features the new Design Software, the new Estimating Software, Google Sketchup, and a Contractor Installation Cost Spreadsheet.

I recognize that as a presenter, you may be uncomfortable talking about a project that you are not familiar with.  To help reduce your anxiety, I have added speaker notes on almost all of the pages, that will allow you to familiarize yourself with the project as well as the value that ReCon added which thus resulted in the “sale”.

There are 171 slides in this presentation.  That is a lot to cover in a 50 minute presentation.  However, you now have a more robust presentation, you can easily “hide” the slides that you do not want to discuss, and you can tailor your presentation to the time you have available and the audience you are presenting to.

December thru March is the season for Box Lunch Presentations.  With this Power Point, you have (a) NEW content for the organizations you have already visited and (b) a COMPREHENSIVE story to tell about the History of SRWs, Engineering Basics, ReCon Features, ReCon Benefits, and Support Tools for specifiers and contractors.  The new Power Point is in the Licensee Only portion of our website under the ReCon Salesperson Toolbox.  Open it up.  Download it to your harddrive and schedule you Lunch and Learns.