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Design and Construction Manual

At ReCon, we are proud of our tradition of offering a big block retaining wall product line that adds value for our customers, and for our retaining wall design and retaining wall contractor partners. Whether the ReCon application focuses on the scale and aesthetics of the ReCon Block, the durability of the wet-cast, air-entrained concrete retaining wall blocks, the considerable gravity retaining wall heights that can be achieved, or the construction efficiencies associated with our product, it is our intention to solve site specific challenges and add value.


The design of a ReCon segmental retaining wall may be fairly straightforward or it may be quite complex and involve a high degree of geotechnical and/or civil engineering expertise. At first glance, the steps involved in construction of a ReCon retaining wall appear relatively simple. In fact, they are; however, it is critical that these procedures are done properly if the retaining wall is to last and perform as designed. This is due to the fact that the ReCon units themselves are often just a key component in what is a more complex and interdependent composite earthen structure. A number of important variables must be analyzed before a proper retaining wall design can be finalized.


This manual is intended to provide retaining wall designers, retaining wall installers and others with the information useful in the design, the construction and cost estimation of a ReCon retaining wall that will remain attractive and structurally stable for the duration of its intended design life.


The ReCon Design and Construction Manual is available here for download in pdf format. It is available in its entirety, which is quite large in size, or by specific topical excerpts to reduce the required download times.