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As a retaining wall installer, ReCon wants both you and your customer to experience the benefits that our product can bring to your project.


  • If your wall is a “cut” or a “replacement”, consider a ReCon gravity wall.
  • Take advantage of the ReCon solid concrete block design, the best design for tall gravity walls.
  • Utilize ReCon’s industry leading eight different block depths starting at 24” and ending at 84”.  This provides for very efficient gravity wall designs, using depth at the bottom of the wall and eliminating mass at the top of the wall where it is not needed.
  • Minimize the construction cut.
  • Maximize the useable real estate at the bottom of the wall.
  • Capture big savings when compared to expensive cast in place options.
  • If your wall is a “fill”, then take advantage of the ReCon 24” Block, one of the most efficient wet-cast big blocks in the industry for the design and installation of tall reinforced walls.  
  • Experience the ease of construction associated with the placement of a ReCon block that covers 5.33 sq. ft. of wall face, and yet can be handled with your existing skid steers and backhoes.
  • Talk to ReCon’s wall construction experts on staff for tips on how to estimate installation costs and plan for an efficient and profitable wall project.


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“Cut Wall” Large Block Retaining Wall Installation

Big Block Gravity Retaining Wall Installation


“Fill Wall” Large Block Retaining Wall Installation


For Retaining Wall construction, check out ReCon’s Design and Construction Reference Manual which provides an excellent overview of construction procedures.  Additional detailed installation recommendations can be found in ReCon’s Installation Guidelines and in ReCon’s list of Typical Construction Detail Drawings. ReCon also offers training for Installers, including comprehensive presentations on retaining wall construction basics and on unique ReCon Retaining Wall installation matters. In addition, ReCon offers first time installers a spreadsheet designed to assist in determining wall construction time & cost estimates. Please contact ReCon or your local licensed ReCon Block Producer (Where to Buy) for assistance or training.


Additional detailed installation recommendations can be found in ReCon’s Fence Block Specifications and Installation Instructions and in ReCon’s Guardrail Block-Specifications and Installation Instructions.