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Testing and Technical Info

ReCon has a host of testing, tutorial, and template information to aid in the design of both geogrid reinforced retaining walls and gravity retaining walls. This information includes:


Testing Info

  • Grid Connection Test Data for:
    • Mirafi 5XT, 8XT and 10XT
    • Strata 350 and 550
    • Telegrid 5530 and 8030.
  • Direct Sliding Test Results
  • Block Shear Test Results
  • Gravity Wall Spacer Bar (for 7.2 degree batter) Shear Test Results


Third Party Design Software Vendor Data Files

  • SRWall Version 3.22 Tutorial
  • SRWall Versions 3.22 and 4.0 Vendor Data Files for the design of geogrid walls
  • MSEW 3.0 Tutorial
  • MSEW 3.0 Vendor Data Files for the design of geogrid walls.


29’ 4” tall geogrid reinforced wall with road on top(Woodbury MN)


12’ tall gravity wall (replacing H-piles and lagging and saving $$$ for the city of Carmel, IN)


ReCon Precast Modular Block Retaining Walls Testing & Technical Data Request