Large Block Retaining Walls - Channel Protection - ReCon
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Large Block Retaining Walls - Channel Protection - ReCon
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ReCon Block Configurations for Channel Walls

ReCon’s big block channel retaining wall system provides an attractive option for lining creeks, streams, drainage channels, and canals.  Important features include:

  • A block that is manufactured from wet cast air entrained concrete for the long term durability required in harsh water applications!
  • An 8” setback between each 16” tall block, creating a batter of 26.6 degrees!
  • Increase channel volume with a setback that often coincides with the natural angle of repose of an existing channel or one that is being widened.
  • Provide a means of exit from the bottom of the channel, should an individual fall into the channel.
  • An ability to utilize the ReCon Retaining Wall Block (with standard batter of 3.6 degrees) in combination with the ReCon Channel Wall Block to create an effective wall batter of 9˚, 13˚, or 18˚!
  • Multiple depth blocks (24”, 39”, 45”, 60”, 66”, 72”, 78” and 84”) to achieve very tall gravity retaining walls when excavation for the placement of geogrids is not feasible.
  • The ease of construction, associated with big block machine set installation.


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Typical ReCon Channel Block Retaining Wall

Gravity Retaining Walls - Channel Block - ReCon
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Variable Batter Options from ReCon

Gravity Retaining Walls - Channel Blocks - ReCon
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